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  • Shelley Treadaway Intern

    Shelley is a graduate student pursuing her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy at Arizona State University. She offers families, couples, and individuals a safe, supportive space to for clients to gain meaningful solutions through uncertainty, crisis, relational issues, parenting, and major life changes. Shelley gravitates toward EFT, Solution-Focused, and IFS techniques. As an intern, Shelley is deeply immersed in learning the foundational principals of therapy as well as providing clients with post-modern techniques.

    Shelley provides emphasis on affirming all gender identities and expressions, and is accepting of all sexual orientations, spiritual beliefs. She strives to be racially and culturally responsive. Whether you are dealing with depression, or anxiety, or simply need support navigating through uncertainty, Shelley will provide direct, empathetic guidance to help you feel empowered to live to the fullest.