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  • Dr. Paula Byrne, M.A. PhD., Counseling Intern

    Everybody needs somebody to talk to. A sympathetic ear. A listener, a supporter, a guide through the difficult times and along the road to a better future. I have always been a listener and supporter of this kind, gaining a wealth of experience in confronting and helping others to work through some of life’s greatest challenges. The transitions that come with marriage and with divorce. The arrival of a child, which always changes the family dynamic; the departure of a child, which brings its own anxieties. Living with a chronically ill child. Loving a rebellious adolescent. Miscarriage, menopause, bereavement. Other life changes, too: relocating to another city, even another country. All the things that can drive a couple apart, but also, with the right help, bring them closer together.

    I am now completing a Master’s degree in the esteemed Marriage and Family Therapy program at Arizona State University. My therapeutic approach is simply to be there for my clients and to work with them. The process is different for every client, and it is my job to find the way forward that will work for you.