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  • Jessica Wanke- LPC Intern **Not taking new clients**

    Jessica Wanke is a graduate student pursuing her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Grand Canyon University. She is passionate about serving individuals, families, couples, adolescents, and groups who have mental, emotional, or behavioral challenges. She offers an encouraging and secure space for clients to establish goals and develop approaches to address emotional issues, fortify skills in coping mechanisms and communication, improve self-esteem, promote changes in behavior, and strive for improved mental health. Jessica believes it is important to not only listen to what is being said, but how it is said, why it is being said, and what it means in the context of each individualized client. Jessica gravitates towards a mixture of Cognitive Behavioral and Humanistic Approach Therapies. She is devoted towards implementing the foundational principles of counseling, while also providing clients with therapeutic counseling techniques. The stress of personal problems, issues with behavior, emotional, marital, vocational, rehabilitative, educational, or life-stage nature can be overwhelming. Jessica is ready to help you establish goals, and develop approaches to promote changed behavior and improve mental well-being.